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Smart wireless terminal and Big-data solution provider

One Day is a system that allows you to pay with blockchain assets without on/offline restrictions using a smartphone or a real card


Comprehensive financial services
that can be used
safely and conveniently anywhere

ODC adds a token ecosystem to apps and terminals improved with its own technology, allowing you to conveniently use various financial services such as payments and transactions with ODC coins anytime, anywhere, and is expanding the value area beyond finance to data assets.

A platform with a solid foundation

Currently, about 4,000 members are already actively engaged in trading activities in real life through shopping malls, local shopping malls, and terminal purchases of one-day group companies. ODC presents a more practical and useful vision of using cryptocurrency based on this foundation

Expansion to big data business

The terminal serves to store the consumer's payment data in the one-day blockchain with the consent of the personal information. This stored information builds big data and can be utilized in various fields such as e-commerce, statistics, marketing, and national business, where information analysis is the core.


Maximize the benefits of blockchain-based

The advantages of the blockchain industry are liquidity and safety. One-day terminal connects all affiliates with the one-day computer system, making each affiliate a part of the one-day blockchain, thereby ensuring liquidity and safety in transactions between consumers and affiliates.


After payment, ODC points are rewarded by consenting to the provision of personal information or writing a review, etc.

Token Holder & ODC

Increase in token value as usage increases


According to the settlement amount, ODC point compensation, sales increase, and convenient customer management


Increase in sales due to increase in transaction amount

OneDay Pay payment

Acquisition of traffic from numerous customers and affiliates by introducing ODC protocol

Credit card company

Increase in sales due to increase in transaction amount


OneDay projects develop rapidly based on the established foundation​.

All of these visions were possible thanks to the background prepared by the One Day Group. The ODC network is in front of the realization of a realistic blockchain financial platform by adding only the features and advantages of blockchain to the prepared foundation.



Main Used Place

1. 배달 서비스.png

Delivery Service

4. 백화점.png

Department Store

2. 물류·운송.png


5. 음식점·카페.png


3. 교통수단.png


6. 의료시설.png

Medical Facility


Road Map

2021. 3Q

-Mobile app One Day Pay App Development
-Collect market data infrastructure for

2022. 1Q

- Provide a merchant settlement system and Service sophistication
- Reward system establishment and AIP linkage

2022. 3Q

- Global payment network implementation and collaboration with credit card companiens


2021. 4Q

- Official launch of One Day Pay app
- Launched mobile POS for merchants

2022. 2Q

- Build payment solutions and receipt issuance system

Update Goals

1st : ODC issuance, wallet

2nd : Enter the market through linking with our system

3rd : ODC payment app development

4th : Build one-day platform mainnet



ODC aims to create an environment that provides voluntary compensation to both sellers and consumers, and through this, creates a financial ecosystem that converts the online payment processing process into data and grafts it into various industrial fields.